We are back in person Sunday, January 23.

We will also be having Sunday School and Coffee Time. 

We still follow state guidelines and protocols. Be safe.

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Covid-19 Update

Worship Services

Grace is holding Sunday Morning Worship Service at 10am. We will also be streaming online at: GraceRI.org/sermons at 12pm. 


We will be having a children's message and Sunday School.    

  • We are asking that you wear a mask entering the Sanctuary. 

  • We have implemented appropriate social distancing measures attempting to make our environment as safe a possible. However, please use your best judgment before attending this service. If you are at high risk or feeling ill we ask that you continue to join us online. 

  • Grace will continue to have full online services.

  • Please watch this video for more information. 



  • If you have and questions or concerns please contact Pastor Barry at umcgrace@gmail.com 

  Group Gatherings


We are offering groups that have used a room at the church access to our downstairs hall. Please respect the following guidelines.  


  • We are asking that you wear a mask as you enter the building.   

  • There is a maximum capacity of 45 people in the large hall. 

  • We are not officially closing the kitchen but we are asking that people not use it. It is safer if people bring theirs own coffee. Passing of an offering basket is discouraged.

  • Before a group can start meeting again a representative from each group must have approval from Pastor Barry. Umcgrace@gmail.com 

    • Approved groups: 
          Saturday night AA meeting         7-8pm
          Sunday night 12 Step                   7-8pm

                  Daily Meeting.           ​                  12-1pm

  • Please reach out to the individual group for their specific guidelines and restrictions.

Please continue to monitor this cite for updated information will be made available soon.

     Pastor Barry