Woman Empowering

Throughout women’s lives, our bodies teach us an important truth over and over again: the nature of life is change. The nature of creation is also change.  Yet, as our lives continue transforming, we may struggle with the seemingly limited range of choices and opportunities.  

This group will support us—and we will support each other—as we rediscover the deep wisdom we have about what we need.  

Together, we’ll explore what we know, what we don't know, what we're ready to release and what we long to create as our lives continue to unfold and transform. 

This group could be helpful for those who are facing changes or searching for answers, for those who long to transform challenges into opportunities. It may be especially appropriate for women who are ready to commit to their inner growth.

Where: Grace UMC 10 Park Ave. Westerly R.I.

When: Starting June 5. Wednesday Nights 6-7:30 p.m.  

Facilitator: Jude Rittenhouse, M.A., Counseling

Soul Nourishment:

Connection, Inspiration,
Creativity, Kindness,
Information, Support,
Integration ... Wholeness. 

Spring's breath strengthens and beckons as we continue to assimilate winter's lessons: light within darkness, shadows cast by brightness, yellows and reds even more delicious after months of muted tones and stark whiteness.  Though growth has been going on all along, deep beneath our surfaces, we feel ready for more.

As we continue our journey, we are sustained by creativity, connection and the worthiness of our explorations.  We are nourished by kindness, compassion and each other's companionship.  Listed below are some upcoming talks and workshops already in place for March.  One is available to all, no matter where you are; the others take place in southern New England.

I'm excited about these offerings--as excited as my mother used to get about gardening.  She loved connecting with earth and providing what it needed to blossom.  The garden I'm cultivating is made of creativity, compassion, spirit, exploration, relationships, integration, kindness.  At the center of this sacred place, mighty trees sink deep roots and stretch arms toward sky: this growing forest is the physical embodiment of spirit, of wholeness.

Along with the workshops and talks listed below, I plan to offer another "Writing From Your Soul" series and would deeply appreciate hearing your preferences on the following details:
   1. 6-8pm Mondays or 6:30-8:30pm Fridays? [Eastern Time]
2. In-person at IHS in Westerly, RI or teleconference series?
   3. Once a month meetings or weekly meetings for 4-6 weeks?
 Any other thoughts?

Feel free to contact me, if you have questions.  Meanwhile, thank you for all that you have been, are and will be--thank you for your companionship on this journey.  Sending you...

Wednesdays, 6-7:30 PM
Free Weekly Group: Women Empowering Each Other

At Grace UMC, 10 Park Ave., Westerly, RI
(More info at:

Thursday 3/20/14, 7PM
Speaker: "Self Care for Healers and Other Practitioners"
for Rhode Island Holistic Healers Association (RIHHA)
at White Light Book Store, 1464 Park Ave., Cranston, RI
(More info at:

Sunday 3/23/14, 10AM-5PM
Speaker/Presenter: "The Heart of Self Care"
for Southern New England Holistic Living & Wellness
Expo at Crowne Plaza, Warwick, RI
(Info & tickets at the door and at

Tuesdays 3/25-4/29, 6-8:30PM
Reclaim the Divine Feminine: Connect to Your Creative Spirit
(6 week on-line series.  To learn more or register, go to:


Do come!  Together, we'll connect with the truth inside each of us that waits, like a seed or a bulb, for spring.


Jude Rittenhouse




About the facilitator: Jude Rittenhouse is a teacher, award-winning writer and a nondual healer.  For twenty years, she has worked to help people discover and use their own abilities to achieve positive change and growth.  She was interviewed by Melissa Studdard in 2010 and a transcript of their conversation is included in The Tiferet Talk Interviews (2013), a book where some of the world's most notable writers and spiritual leaders share their thoughts on writing, tolerance, and the world we live in today.
Jude teaches at conferences, schools, retreats, education centers, hospitals, healing centers and domestic violence shelters, among other places.  She has also been a speaker and presenter for literary audiences, cancer survivors, spiritual gatherings, high school students and other groups.

As a poet, she has received a Writer's Grant from the Vermont Studio Center and awards from Glimmer Train Press, Inc. and Poets and Patrons of Chicago.  Selections of her poems have been finalists and a quarter-finalist for the 2010, 2007 and 2003 Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry.  She received an honorable mention in the 2002 Emily Dickinson Awards.  In addition, she has received a first place short story award, and her work has been widely published in literary magazines and anthologies.  

In all of her work, she strives to empower others while supporting them through their unique individual growth processes. 

To learn more about her work as a healer and about Integrated Healing Services: www.integratedhealingservices.com